Denali Park

Denali Park 2015

Denali Park is open to drive in 32 miles until the buses start moving around May 15. We have been taking full advantage of it. It is beautiful right now but nothing compares to what it looks like in the summer and fall. I am just grateful for every moment spent in that park.

ptarmigan leaca young photography
ptarmigan Denali Park

The ptarmigan are changing colors right now and it is mating season. They sit and cackle and one another. It is quite entertaining.

Denali Park ride 2015 HF0A1790 HF0A1792

chinese brush art

HF0A0604We get together for a Denali Art Club every two weeks and learn a new technique.  I missed it because I had a doctors appointment so two of them came to my house to give me a mini lesson.  It is difficult but I am hooked and want to play more.  

HF0A0616 HF0A0623  HF0A0612Chinese brush art images here.  Chinese brush art tutorials here.