we are all royal — art journal


I normally have a bunch of journals hanging around and I add left over paint to them as I go.  Later when I am journaling I make it a challenge to make something of the scraps.  Here there is left over paint and doodles.


The best part of art journaling is the freedom to just let loose.  I throw crazy colors down scribble if I want and just play.  It is very relaxing and fun with no pressure of making a masterpiece.


This journal has random tip outs.  I like them for an extra challenge to a page.  This one I tied together by using circles and scribbled words.


A closer look….”be yourself”.


You can’t really see it but on her dress I wrote the words….

“We are all royal and beautiful in his eyes.” Over and over.

share.grow.love — art journal


This is another page made with the left over paint from other projects.  I had sketched the girl at one time months ago and then later came in with the planters and then called it good.  I added details and a border on the side from a magazine clipping.

Fast Car — art journal

Tracy ChapmanI don’t need to tell you that I have been a bad blogger lately….it is really obvious.  Summer comes and I see the light of day after a long dark Alaska winter and I lose it.  My blog is important to me.  I love how it documents my creative life.  It makes me accountable to stay on track with all my goals as well. So…..I am going to share some projects that I have been doing since I dropped off of the blogosphere the past couple of months.

This art journal I started after I started listening to Tracy Chapman on vinyl.  I forgot how much I loved her and I swear I played this record for two weeks straight.  So, I decided to do a Tracy Chapman art journal spread.

Tracy ChapmanFast CarI copied they lyrics off of the album and used them as one of the layers and this strip shining through is my favorite.

field journaling

Today they dogs and I took the truck out on the Denail and parked it and walked up the dirt road towards Paxon. I had just watched a lesson by Alisa Burke.  She talked about her approach to art and inspiration.  She said she takes her family, her journal, and her camera (she had me at camera).  So she goes to the beach or on a hike and just lets what she sees inspire her creativity.  I was so inspired by this.  I live in such a beautiful place and I forget to journal what I am seeing.

2015-04-17 17.44.20

It was beautiful and perfect in so many ways.  I really do not believe in perfection but this was very close to perfect.  I was about to turn on my music as we walked and then decided against it.  The sounds were beautiful to me in that moment.  I was just walking and I could hear the squish of the mud and my shoes.  In the background I could hear my dogs and their tags ting as they walked, and when Summit would jump off the road into the snow it made the most wonderful sound of motion.  The wind would blow lightly through the trees and off in the distance I could hear running water…..signs of spring to me.

2015-04-17 17.50.08

I gathered little treasures as we walked and just took in my surroundings.  I have found a new love in field journaling.  I always thought that field journaling meant you had to journal while you were out in nature.  I really liked this way of doing it.  I took my Fuji Instax mini camera and took a few shots and some with my phone for reference.  I brought all this home and started to journal.  Here is what unfolded.

2015-04-17 22.02.07-1

I really think I will do more of this from now on.

gentle humility art journal

birds art journal birds art journalbirds art journal birds art journal I have Tracy Verdugo’s book Paint Mojo and I have been going through each lesson and recreating my own version.  I have also been taking Kelly Rae Roberts class Hello Soul Hello Mantras. So I combined the two and added a mantra from one of Kelly Rae’s lessons about mantras.  She gives you such great tips on creating them and creating art that inspires your inner self.

I really like this Moleskine journal because I added flip outs and I have plenty of space to art journal and then on the inside of the flap are where I keep my notes and thoughts on the lessons.  It is a great reference for me when I am learning and I also learn better when I take notes.  I love both of these artist and I am so grateful for the inspiration that is out there for all of us to access.

Sail away with me

HF0A1150 HF0A1151 I love Teesha Moore but her art is not exactly my style.  That is what I love about art journals.  You can be whomever you want and try on many art hats.  I went online to Teesha’s Etsy shop and bought some of her clip art.  She is so generous and even sent bonus clip art.  Score!HF0A1152 I have been doing Life Book 2015 and I am so behind.  In an effort to catch up I have just been grabbing a lesson and going with it.  This Lesson: Treasure Seeking with Mati Rose McDonough was a lot of fun she teaches how to use gold leafing but I did not have any so I improvised and used gold paint.HF0A1153