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Since I started working I have found my weekly travels are short.  This week I worked, then Friday night I enjoyed a night in, the kids came home from school to watch the big game, I drove to town for a trip to Michaels, and we had Sunday brunch at 229 Parks….my new favorite place to eat.  If you are going to be in the Denali area it is a must try.

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It’s Friday and I’m in love — and giveaway winner!

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1. I am always in love with vinyl but this George Fitzgerald album fit my mood tonight and he really is not my style of music. Sometimes you just need something different.

2. Podcasts and Audible are my go to happy place these days. This week I have been listening to Elise Gets Crafty. There are three seasons and so I can fill my day listening while I am at work. It has been the perfect way to stimulate my creative brain while I am sitting at an office desk working a day job.

3. Tea time! I am in love with this Citrus Lavender Sage tea. It is the perfect evening herbal tea and the flavors sound like they might be weird together but they are not. Get some. You won’t regret it. I do have to lightly sweeten it but I just count it as my treat for the night.

4. Midori planners have been on my wish list for a long time. I follow boards on pinterest and even made my own board. I bought one for my son for Christmas and fell in love with his. I ordered one and I only have the insert to play with right now and I love it. I will keep you posted when I receive the whole thing. I am sure my instagram will be loaded with pictures.

5. The Happy Reader and I became fast friends a year ago when the first issue came and had a whole section dedicated to educating us about tea. I was hooked. I like that it is not mainstream. I can’t get these articles anywhere else. They are written well and have topics and interviews that I would have never thought to seek out. It is a treasure when it arrives.


I downloaded the random number generator and it #3 was the winner. Bridget Piscoya if you email me with your address I will send your prize ASAP.

Thank you to all who participated.

unlikely inspiration

Jean Micael Bisquiat
I started reading Creative Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It has been a great companion for my mission of living a creative life and focusing on it this year.  It was on my list to read last year and it did not happen.  I have been diving into it today and I love it.

Today I was listening while I worked.  My new goal is to insert creative in to the mundane.  At work I am doing a lot of data processing and listening to books or podcasts really help.

Anyway, today I was listening and she was talking about wanting to start a garden. Then how that thought of a garden blossomed into wanting to know more about plants, and then a chain reaction ensued and then she wrote The Signature of All Things.  She talks about what if she just ignored that small voice that asked her to start a garden.  Read it.

Listening to her speak about that process reminds me of something I am currently following.  All the sudden Jean Michel Basquiat has been filling my thoughts.  I have always liked certain aspects of his art but have not really taken a plunge into the study of his work. I would wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming about a certain piece of his.  Finally I decided I could not ignore it any longer.  Now I am researching him, watching documentaries, movies, and looking at any piece of his work I can find.  He inspires me.  I did not think that could happen because of the way he died.  I just never thought someone who lived such a troubled life and then ending his life with a drug overdose would ever inspire me.  Now the way he lived his life and even his death have me looking at his work with a whole new set of eyes.  He was kind and with a soft heart but also rough around the edges and street smart. This beautiful mess he was inspires my own creative path.

thDustheads by Bisquiat

Maybe I will paint a piece inspired by him and maybe I will just let his creative path give me some freedom in my own path.

creative love giveaway

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Two journals, prayers flags, valentine cards, hair ties, and fun ephemera.

I love journaling of any kind. I have several that I stay pretty active in. I have a quote journal, several art journals, sketch journals, mini journals, watercolor journals, list journal. Anyway I like having more than one journal to work in and so I have included two in this giveaway along with a lot of other fun items. I have small tutorials and displays here on my blog if you need tips for journaling.

To enter to win:
1. Follow my blog here, on Facebook, or Bloglovin.
2. Comment on this post and tell me what fills your heart with love.
3. Follow my facebook art page or my instagram @leaca_travels

Friday, February 7, I will announce the winner and ask for them to email me their address so I can send these goodies their way. I will be shipping this internationally so anyone can enter.

a creative life

2015-11-13 07.44.22How do you live a creative life?  I have been really thinking about this.

My situation now is this, I work now.  I work 37.5 hours to be exact.  My kids are in college or they are grown and have kids of their own.  I do have two dogs that I treat as if they were human and one really acts like he is human. Mainly it is just me, my husband, and our two dogs.  It does not seem like a lot to distract me from a creative life right? Wrong?

My brain has three stages of creativity.

1. I have creative waves.  I will go weeks oooooozing creativity (I almost typed “literally” oooozing).

2. I have days when I can go through the motion and even find sometime to muster up something to do creatively.  I mostly accomplish creativity at these times because I know what is coming next if I don’t.  (see number three)

3. Then I have days when it is crickets.  No crickets are more creative.  It is more like a brain and body full of nothing.  When this happens I am scattered (more than normal) and I can’t collect my thoughts or my direction.  I absolutely hate these times.

So, I have identified the problem.  What could possibly be the solution?

My plan of attack is….

1. Reading about creativity
2. Listening to Podcasts about creativity or that are creative
3. Organizing my time and spaces to set me up for success
4. Blog more about this topic so I keep it in the forefront of my mind
5. Set goals, mantras, and focus words that move me towards a creative life
6. Write or draw in a journal daily

I am going to try some of the things out and bring it back to the blog world like a shining beacon to attract more creativity in my life.

How about you?  How do you bring more creativity into your life?