Embrace the Journey — Art Journal

 I had some old bingo cards and I the prompt for DLP was What Lies Beneath.  So I thought I would just paint on these and then make copies to put in my journal.  I really love Flora Bowley and I have been so inspired by her work.  I wanted to do something in her style and see if I could find a place there.  This was really difficult for me to do.  I really want to take one of her classes.  She is teaching this year in the Life Book 2015 and I can’t wait. 

Tea Girl Art Journal

I started taking Journal Soup 1 & 2 and I could listen to her talk for hours.  I am finding it quite fun. She likes to use the color wheel and this weeks prompt for DLP was to use the color wheel.  Perfect timing.  I ended up loving the color wheel.  It made choosing colors so simple and easy.  And no fail….who knew?  I actually decided to buy a color wheel app.  It is quite fun.

Primitive Portraits

I am taking the Primitive Portraits III class from Mindy Lacefield.  I love it.  She is a wonderful teacher but what I love most is that it is taking me out of my comfort zone and into places I would never have gone if it were not for this class.

She uses words like raw and rough.  My comfort zone is full of words like clean lines and cute themes.

 I am learning so much about shading and adding light.

On the Documented Life Project this week the prompt was to use gesso.  I love gesso and use it often.  I love the texture it gives to my pages.

Supplies I used:
Mod Podge
Paints — Hot pink, Teal, gold, white, black
room key card (I don’t own a scraper thingy yet)
Dylusions Creative Journal

Shot this layout with the Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 24-70 2.8Lmm, I just converted the files to jpeg in Lightroom 5 but did not edit them. 

My other pages for the week are here

Linky party here

DLP Week 17 ::: your favorite pair of shoes

 This is completely unfinished.  I may show a copy at the end of the week or just add it later to this post.  Yes, later at the end of this post.   Anyway, I always add little tidbits through the week and I normally shade more (add grundge as Roben Marie would say). 

I struggled at first with this prompt because I am not really an obsessed shoe girl.  Then I thought about TOMS.  I love buying them because they give a pair to a child in need.  After my massage therapist Angie informed me of that I have been buying them ever since and even received a pair for Christmas from a good friend. 

Above in the middle page is a girl I drew a month or so ago but I didn’t really like her but thankfully I did not throw her away because she found her place on this page.  The balloons are magazine clippings that I had saved.  The camera, heart and scalloped edge are from an old book I bought at a thrift store.  I draw images on the pages, cut them out, and then run them through the xyron.  It is my new favorite technique. 

the documented life project ::: week 16 add a piece of cardboard from a snack box

This week kind of came out soft in color but I didn’t mind.  I’m still trying to find my groove….if I have one I am on a mission to find it.

I included all of the happy mail I’ve received lately.  I just love all the little pieces that come and it means so much more to include them in the layout when they came from all over the world. 

This time I added a little pocket for journaling and room for lists on the flap. 

The DLP Week 14 — embellish your name

I do not know what happened with my “L” but I went with it.  I had to add a camera because it is my first love even though this art thing is coming in as a close second….as far as home hobbies go.

Up top Casey found a place in my planner.  It says, “Casey’s Smile makes my day!”  He lights up the room.  Our friends are hosting their brother for a month and we are having a great time.

I added a little tidbit from Frozen.  I have been trying to add little bits that reflect the date and time of what is going on around me.  Frozen is a big part of that right now.  Everyday it comes up in conversation or I see it somewhere, or a song comes on the radio.  Love it!

I try to add a journal page or two each time.  This time I added a page to journal and a journal page with a prompt, Balancing Obsessions with Reality.  I love using my favorite cutouts from magazines.  This project has been so much fun.  I always look forward to Saturdays when they announce the new weeks prompt.  Anyone can join in at anytime.  You can join the facebook group or just look on their blog for new prompts.

The DLP Week 10 — About Me

With each of these prompts I try to journal a little but sometimes I just get caught up in the art.  It has been a lot of fun.  I am learning a lot and I totally enjoy it.

 Fortune cookies always make for great conversation.  We took my dad to Pagodas….always a treat.

 I asked for a copy of the place mat with the Chinese Calendar thingy on it.  I am the year of the dog.