patience is a virtue

A few years ago my kids bought me orchids for Mother’s Day and after the blooms fell they never bloomed again. Until recently anyway. I wanted to just throw the plants away but because the kids bought them I just could not bring myself to do it.

Recently I was expressing my frustration with some friends and someone mentioned to change the direction of the light source. Now they are blooming. Being patient really paid off. I am not sure I was patient. Maybe conflicted is a better word. No….I am sticking with patience. It sounds better.
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be the change — be positive

I have a focus word for the year and I would like to start having one weekly or monthly….however long it takes to add some positive changes to my life. Change starts here, today, I want to be the change.

So, for right now my focus will be on being positive.  I feel like I am a positive person.  I really try to not bring others down or bring myself down for that matter.  With that been said I think we can always work to improve.  We can never be perfect so working towards that is endless.

Five small changes towards positivity……

1. Surround myself in happy scents.  I have a strong sense of smell, my youngest son thinks I should be a drug dog, and it can be such a curse when things do not smell good.  I want to add some essential oils to my daily routines to help.

2.  Start a regimen of yoga.  I used to do this when my kids were little and it really helped me to control my thoughts, among other things.  I would like to start this practice again.

3. Eat healthy. I can be so negative towards myself when I am not eating right.  This one is simple yet so important.

4. Surround myself with the color orange.  It is known to promote positivity.  Maybe I will have to ride my orange bike more often….oh darn. =]

5. Have fun and enjoy life. Do I need to say more?