countdown to christmas — helping out a friend

Everyday of December I try to focus on Christmas.  I do something every single day to countdown to the big day.  Some things are planned and some are not.  Today a friend from Anchorage dropped by and I took their family pictures for them.  It is their first Christmas as a family and I am so grateful to be a part of it.  They have a beautiful family. 

Christmas tip :: I use Shutterfly to print my cards.  The price is right and I even have them mail them for me.  My addresses are saved on site and every year I just update the address book and have them sent directly from them.  It costs .55 cents extra but that includes postage.  For an extra few cents I save my self a lot of time.

thanksgiving day — gathering

This is the photo I chose for our Christmas card this year.  My family is scattered all over the world and this was our idea to include them in our family photo.

 She loves it when I take pictures….not!  I think she is beautiful and so I cannot stop nor do I ever want to.

It is has become a family tradition to gather the lost souls of thanksgiving.  We always host a dinner with individuals who have to work or are away from their families for various reasons.

One of these guys said something to make everyone laugh and made the one on the left blush.  Thank goodness I did not hear. 

One year we had a man, he was a lawyer, over for Thanksgiving dinner and he was from India.  He said he was raised as an American so he participated in all our traditions….actually they were his traditions too.  This year we shared our dinner with a man from Germany (the one on the right).  He was in Berlin as a 15 year old boy when the wall went up.  I was in awe.  He said that they never thought it would become what it did.  Years later when he was in America his mother held the phone receiver out the window of her apartment so he could hear the wall come down. 

It was a great day.  I hope your day was wonderful as well.