pinterest test — chocolate italian cake

I needed a cake recipe for my husband’s birthday.  I was traveling and out of town on the actual date, no surprises there, so I had to make this one special.  I go where I always go….blogs, pinterest, pioneer woman, looking for inspiration to save the day.  I came across this recipe for Chocolate Italian Love cake on Pinterest.  Perfect!

I live in the middle of nowhere and so I have to plan ahead.  There are some ingredients in this cake that one does not just have hanging around.  I was headed to Fairbanks and started a list of ingredients.  I get so excited to make him new recipes.  He loves food.  No really….he LOVES it.  I will make him something new and he will talk about it for weeks.  It does my heart good to know he loves and appreciates it.  I really try to make it special.

This cake certainly did not disappoint.  He loved it.

Go here to get the recipe and try it out.

Her blog is Chew Nibble Nosh and it is full of yummy recipes just waiting for us to try them out.


P.S. Unless I modify the ingredients I always send you to the original source for the recipe.  If I do modify a recipe I will include the recipe and a link to the inspiration.  It helps me sleep at night.

pinterest test — saving the lettuce

a while ago i saw this on pinterest and decided to try it out. it actually works. i have since went back to find the original poster of this genius idea and there are so many posts about this that i can’t seem to find it. i am not sure where i found the idea in the first place. 

anyway, i live in the middle of nowhere now and there is not a grocery store for miles. so in an effort to continue healthy eating habits i rely on tricks like this to keep me on track.
i buy romaine lettuce and canning jars.  
first i clean the lettuce and spin it to get all the excess water off.  i have actually brought life back to limp lettuce by using a spinner. if you do not have one, get one.  they are marvelous. 

i then place the lettuce in canning jars filling them to over full packing the lettuce in the jars as tight as possible. then i place the lid on and put them in the fridge. do not open them until you are ready to use the lettuce remember once you open it the clock starts ticking on how long you will have nice lettuce.

i have actually kept lettuce fresh up to a month doing it this way.

pinterest won me on this one.