patience is a virtue

A few years ago my kids bought me orchids for Mother’s Day and after the blooms fell they never bloomed again. Until recently anyway. I wanted to just throw the plants away but because the kids bought them I just could not bring myself to do it.

Recently I was expressing my frustration with some friends and someone mentioned to change the direction of the light source. Now they are blooming. Being patient really paid off. I am not sure I was patient. Maybe conflicted is a better word. No….I am sticking with patience. It sounds better.
HF0A2718 HF0A2721 HF0A2724

my heart


We were lucky enough to get our grand daughter for a couple of days while my son and his wife were traveling.  She is the most perfect little angel we have ever laid our eyes on.




She is just like her grandma and aunt….she loves puppies.



Having her spend time with my dad filled my heart with joy.

Family. There is nothing better than that.

Denali Park

Denali Park 2015

Denali Park is open to drive in 32 miles until the buses start moving around May 15. We have been taking full advantage of it. It is beautiful right now but nothing compares to what it looks like in the summer and fall. I am just grateful for every moment spent in that park.

ptarmigan leaca young photography
ptarmigan Denali Park

The ptarmigan are changing colors right now and it is mating season. They sit and cackle and one another. It is quite entertaining.

Denali Park ride 2015 HF0A1790 HF0A1792

Jr. Iditarod

HF0A0426 The Junior Iditarod was moved to Cantwell this year because of lack of snow in other parts of the state.  It was fun to see the puppies and their young owners.  There is something so inspiring about young teens so devoted to animals and a sport that requires so much of them.HF0A0433 HF0A0458 This baby just melted my heart.  7 weeks old and the cutest little hat!HF0A0466 HF0A0477It was Mister C’s birthday and he celebrated it at the Junior Iditarod.   HF0A0508 HF0A0511 HF0A0568 We met Newton Marshall the Jamaican Dog Sledder.  He has ran the Iditarod four times previously but not this year.  Conditions have not been that great.HF0A0572 HF0A0576 HF0A0582

Let’s Explore ::: plants

This week I decided to explore my bamboo plant.  I love this plant and haven’t really taken any pictures of it so it was the perfect subject for me this week.  I started by shooting the pot it came in.  I liked it enough to leave the bamboo in the original pot.  You can see my chalkboard underneath.  Nice little backdrop here.

I then backed up and shot the whole plant from every angle in the room and light settings and decided I liked this one the best. 

I photographed the stalks…..

I placed the plant on the floor and pictured it from above with my feet…..

and finally one without.

I love these projects.  It gives me a chance to explore my camera and my subject.  Some of the shots actually came out interesting. 

Camera:  Canon 5d Mark III
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.2L
Editing software:  Photoshop (contrast and poured solid colors and played with opacity)