When I was growing up my dad would always say, “Wake up and let’s get going so we can enjoy the rest of the day.” I recently told him that it is my favorite thing that he taught me.  He beamed with pride.  If you are familiar with me you know my family is very important to me and my dad leads the list.

Anyway, mornings are not my favorite but I can handle them better when I get in a zone and get things done.  Then I can sit and enjoy my morning without a list weighing me down.

First thing I make my bed, clean my bathroom, and take out the trash.  Then I will look down the hall and normally see a scene like the one below….

Ugh! Laundry….really?  Yes, it never goes away just grows this amazing life of its own.  So, next step is to start a load.

Ummmm, now ask me if I passed this trait along to my children.  Obviously not! Her theory is that it is stupid to make your bed because you are just going to get back into it.  Oh my!  I raised her…..and kind of proud of it too.

My husband is trained well.  He helps me vacuum and then I dust, make breakfast, take out the trash and then I plop down in a chair and enjoy breakfast and a hot cup of tea.  Not too bad. 

Pickle bag knock off

I asked my husband for a Pickle bag for Easter.  I know, I know I am spelling it wrong.  Their spelling drives me crazy.  So, I choose to ignore their spelling.

So I bought the bag and then the I decided to get the Complete In A Pickle Pack.  After I started thinking about it I decided to buy extra sets of the interior bags.  I was going to pack this puppy full of all kinds of stuff.  My purse is an arsenal of all kinds of useless items just in case Zombies really do take over the planet I will be prepared.  I imagined all kinds of items filling the little extra bags.

Well it arrive and it will only hold four (4) of the clear plastic thingies. I even watched the You Tube video and it did not dawn on me that it would only hold so much. 

So, I quickly switched to plan B.  The Pickle above went into my purse.  I decided to make little pickles for each car.  I used the extra clear plastic thingies to make my own little pickles. 

Sorry about the tissues, GOT SNOT.  I really did not plan on blogging this when I bought them.  They are obnoxious my sister in law would not approve.  She thinks I should be more of a lady.  I disappoint her often and she still loves me. It is our thing.

I had all of the items just lying around the house to fill the two additional pickles…my cheap version of the pickle bags.  I attached them with a little ribbon and I use a rubber band to wrap around the whole thing to hold it compact. 

Here is a list of items I included

  • hand sanitizer pen
  • spot remover pen
  • individually wrapped antibacterial wipes
  • a mirror
  • pair of tweezers
  • pair of fingernail clippers
  • emery boards
  • travel size sewing kit
  • retractable mini scissors
  • tailor tape
  • hair bands
  • rubber bands
  • bobby pins
  • safety pins
  • paper clips
  • philips mini screw driver
  • straight mini screw driver
  • mini pen
  • sticky notebook
  • bandages
  • travel tissues
  • pill box

(You can purchase this pack directly from their site or make the kit yourself)

My final word on the original bag is that I love it but I wished it held more.  The clear plastic thingies are wonderful and cheap. 

kitchen zone — the fridge

1. Miscellaneous condiments
2. Water bottles
3. Yogurt
4. Fruit cups
5. Fruit and veggies ready to eat (washed and chopped)
6. Meats and Cheeses
7. Juices
8. Veggies….salad, zucchini, squash, etc.
9. Fruit

 I like using these baskets for easy access to fridge items rather than having to pull items one by one.

I found the basket idea here and here is a great fridge organization and safety tip.

weekend read–apartment therapy

apartment therapy by maxwell gillingham-ryan has been out since 2006 but it is still my favorite go to book after i move into a new apartment. we move so often you would think i would be able to write my own book about it but why would i when someone has done it for me.

the book is broken down into two parts.  one: the home is a living place and two: the cure.  he includes tips on budget, organization, cleaning and decorating.  

i have a copy on the book shelf and one copy in my iPad.  

if you…..
1. rent or own a small space
2. if you have a big place but want to be more organized
3. are not sure about your budget
4. want to make changes but do not know where to start
then this book is worth a look for you.     

organizing electronic cords

i always start my project with the amount of space i will allow for the items i am organizing. for this project i knew i was not going to allow for more than this size of a container.

i sort all the cords and place them in ziploc bags with the exception of the cell phones and cases that i have placed in a separate container. i tie each cord with a twist tie to keep them from getting tangled.

there is a ziploc bag for head phones with white cords, bag with black cords, bag with apple product cords, misc power cords, hdmi cords, and the cords with the three colored cords….I do not know what they are called.

amazing enough all the cords fit.  the box that they were in before was twice this size.  i did not throw but a few cords out.