four pics a day :: a lovely365 project

half way through my 365 project i decided to change how i captured my project. i started doing four shots in day on my iPhone.

how: i use the frametastic app to gather my four shots and the collect app to display my project. i tag my photos in instagram as #myday4by

why: i was tired of my 365 shots. they were boring. it was interesting how placing four boring shots made them more interesting. people even started joining in. they tag theirs differently which is fine but it is so much fun seeing others joining in.

2014 i have decided to continue this project because it really has made my 365 easier and more interesting. somehow grouping my four shots together gives a better picture and documentation of my day. i am a little obsessed with documentary photography in all forms. it interests me how people live day to day. sometimes it even inspires me. so if you are looking for a project in 2014 join in. 

my day in four pics–week one

 Sunday:  Took the dogs out for an adventure, green drinking it, vacuuming, and bike ride on the loop.

 Monday:  Most of Monday was spent helping the ASTAR relay by being a pilot car for bikers. 

Tuesday:  Walked around Glitter Gulch, found a furry thong, ate a veggie sub, took Summit on a run.

Wednesday: Post office run, cleaned the kitchen (this weeks zone), actually was toe to toe with my husband….he has gotten called out every night, started a Candy Chang project on my chalkboard.

 Thursday: Kind of a relaxing day.  Naps, eating with my daughter, shower, and a drive.

Friday:  Bike ride, trip to Glitter Gulch, said goodbye to Sonya and the girls, harvested some spinach….I love doing that.

Saturday:   Cute new earrings, hanging with my kids, Hibachi, bad hair day.