Let’s Explore — Cara Cara

My husband and I were in Costco loading up on fruits and vegetables.  We like to buy items that will last a while since we live out in the middle of nowhere without a grocery store.  We do have a Chevron but unless you love prepackaged food it is not the place to shop.  We like to buy oranges because they really hold up.  These here need to be eaten which was no problem.  Anyway, they had these Cara Cara oranges.  I had never heard of them but had a good feeling about them.  In fact, I was so sure about this purchase I grabbed two huge Costco bags of these puppies. They are delicious.  The meat inside reminds me of blood oranges.  They are very sweet and juicy and as we all can agree that is why you buy oranges. 

This week I thought they would be the perfect subject for an exploration since I am totally and completely in love with them.  I keep them in this bucket on my vintage refrigerator.  I decided to leave them there and photograph them in there.

The above photo the colors came out different than the rest.  I am not sure why but I will guess it has to something with the light.

So part of exploring with my camera I like to zoom in on the tiny details that I might not normally pay attention to.  Make them the star attraction–like the handle in this shot.  I left the tip of the oranges in the frame to add more color.

 Focusing on the handle again here…..

and here I focused inside the bucket and included my feet in the frame.

More angles and points of focus.

Here I focused on the edge of the bucket but I did not love this shot but in the end decided to include it because I need to learn from each shot. 

Camera:  Canon 5d Mark III
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.2L
Editing software:  Photoshop CS5–I used the I Dream About Film Photoshop actions but I could not find them to share the link.  I bought them years ago and I love them. 

Let’s Explore — Vintage Cameras

I pulled all my cameras down to clean them.  Since I had them all in one place I thought it would make for a great photo exploration. 

 I love these with the attached bulbs–so adorable.

Over the years people have given me cameras and I have only had to buy a few.  Somehow they mean more since everyone has been given them to me.

 It is time to put these away….ugh!

One last shot.

Camera:  Canon 5DMarkIII
Lens:  Canon 50mm 1.2L

Let’s Explore — Vintage Ball Jars

I love vintage jars.  I store all kinds of items in them proudly.  They make everything look beautiful. I thought they would be perfect for this weeks exploration.

This is the only item in my house with gluten that I have yet to throw away.  I think I kind of forgot about it until taking these pictures.  Darn gluten allergy. 

We have a slight addiction to watermelon jolly ranchers.  There are two jar fulls here.  If there were less I might panic. 

These are beautiful from every angle.  There is just something about a good jar full of good stuff.

Camera:  Canon 5DMarkIII
Lens:  Canon 50mm 1.2L

Let’s Explore ::: plants

This week I decided to explore my bamboo plant.  I love this plant and haven’t really taken any pictures of it so it was the perfect subject for me this week.  I started by shooting the pot it came in.  I liked it enough to leave the bamboo in the original pot.  You can see my chalkboard underneath.  Nice little backdrop here.

I then backed up and shot the whole plant from every angle in the room and light settings and decided I liked this one the best. 

I photographed the stalks…..

I placed the plant on the floor and pictured it from above with my feet…..

and finally one without.

I love these projects.  It gives me a chance to explore my camera and my subject.  Some of the shots actually came out interesting. 

Camera:  Canon 5d Mark III
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.2L
Editing software:  Photoshop (contrast and poured solid colors and played with opacity)