be the change — be positive

I have a focus word for the year and I would like to start having one weekly or monthly….however long it takes to add some positive changes to my life. Change starts here, today, I want to be the change.

So, for right now my focus will be on being positive.  I feel like I am a positive person.  I really try to not bring others down or bring myself down for that matter.  With that been said I think we can always work to improve.  We can never be perfect so working towards that is endless.

Five small changes towards positivity……

1. Surround myself in happy scents.  I have a strong sense of smell, my youngest son thinks I should be a drug dog, and it can be such a curse when things do not smell good.  I want to add some essential oils to my daily routines to help.

2.  Start a regimen of yoga.  I used to do this when my kids were little and it really helped me to control my thoughts, among other things.  I would like to start this practice again.

3. Eat healthy. I can be so negative towards myself when I am not eating right.  This one is simple yet so important.

4. Surround myself with the color orange.  It is known to promote positivity.  Maybe I will have to ride my orange bike more often….oh darn. =]

5. Have fun and enjoy life. Do I need to say more?

kitchen gadgets — popcorn love

i love popcorn.  i used to go to the theatre not to go to the movie but to sneak in and buy a bucket of popcorn.  i was lucky enough to live in a small town that would allow me to do that.  now that i am older and never live in a village/town large enough to have a theatre i am forced to make my own.

for years i have searched for the perfect popper and ended up throwing or giving away poppers that just did not cut it. then my friend introduced me to the stir crazy popper and my love for popcorn has been taken to a new level.

i use coconut oil for everything these days, another tip from another friend (if you are wondering if i have any original thoughts….i wonder that too). anyway i use coconut oil and gourmet white popcorn.  the coconut oil is better for me and the popcorn is delicious. when using gourmet popcorn you use less kernels if that matters to anyone? i just like the way it pops up better than a cheaper brand.

i add the oil and the popcorn and plug the popper in and then just watch the magic happen.  i normally wait for the pops to slow down and then unplug the popper. you just flip it over and you can use the lid as the bowl.  

clean up is easy.  i just take a clean sponge and wipe out the popper.  i wash the bowl in a little soap and water.

i do not add butter to my popcorn not because it tastes better without it but because it is healthier that way.  i do add some popcorn salt. the kernels are perfectly popped with very few solid kernels to get in the way of things.