our german friend

meet our postmaster. she is from germany and we just love her. she has lived in alaska for a while but her home will always be in germany and we have had several talks down memory lane about her home.  she makes you want to jump a plane to germany today.  my son went there last month and he has me thinking the same thing. he said it is a wonderful place.

i always share the treats that i get in the mail with her. we open my packages to see what goodies are awaiting and then visit. the other day she had received a loaf of german christmas bread and she was so excited. she says that our crazy banana bread is for the birds.  we tried it and loved it.  it is different but delicious. she says there are different kinds but this is her favorite.  so now i am on the search for a recipe to try at home. 

old friends

Heidi and I have been friends since our children were young.  I was around when she had the two youngest. They are more like family.  It was wonderful to see them.

 These two love birds were married this year and they were absolutely adorable.

 Laughing and being goofy is what we do best.

 Just the boys.

One last one that I could not resist including.

running into friends on the parks highway

I have been flickr friends with Kevyn for years and I was on the highway taking pictures of Mt. McKinley because I could finally see it.  A car pulls up and a cute young woman asks if I am Leaca.  I was shocked.  We had only lived out here a couple of weeks and she introduced herself and made my day.  You never know who you are going to run into. I am going to remember that and next time I won’t wear my pj pants and slippers out there….I wished I were joking.