card club catch up

So, I am a little behind so I improvised.  I love shopping for cards and so I bought some, made some, modified some.  It was fun and it feels so good to have a card file full of cards ready to go.

April was baby, Mother’s Day, and female themed.  I ordered a set off of Etsy and bought the other two sets in the dollar bin and Michaels.

Michaels also had these pre-made card bases that you just embellish how ever you want so I grabbed these and they really made the process simple and quick.

 I printed off some word strips that went with May’s theme and attached them to the cards. 

 I also added some washi tape and stickers to complete the look.

July’s theme was kid themed, thinking of you, or blank.  I purchased these in the dollar bin at Michaels.  It was big score for me.  I also grabbed extra cards for gift giving.  I love receiving stationary and office supplies.

I did skip June because I already had so many male themed cards.  I will do better next month…..oops I am vacationing next month so I will do better in September. 

March’s card club

march card club

card making can be done with basic supplies.  i have a lot of supplies after years of scrapbooking and then and dumped scrapbooking and picked up card making and kept the supplies.

all you need is….
8.5 X 11 cardstock
multi color cardstock
paper cutter
stamps or stickers
washi tape and/or ribbon
glue dots, glue and/or tape
pens or markers
stamp and/or stamp pads–optional

i cut the 8.5 X 11 paper in half and fold it over to make the base card.

cut scrap pieces of paper in squares and strips.

i did not have a lot of spring colors of cardstock and so i took white and blotted it on a stamp pad.

 its not perfect but not to bad in a pinch.

this month i did not use a concrete theme.  i like to have a stash of blank cards so that i can use them for all occasions.

i have a card file that i place the finished product in.  it makes it so easy to grab a card and get it in the mail quickly. i buy envelopes at wal-mart or michaels and throw them in the file.

if you do not want to make cards this month there are so many adorable, fun, sweet cards to purchase.  a card file too.

card club explanation:
every month i chose a theme and make cards for my file that match that theme.  sometimes i cheat and just buy cards that match the theme.  i absolutely hate trying to make a card last minute and to be honest most of the time it does not happen and i miss my moment.  sending a card and receiving snail mail is so much fun and i for one do not want it to die off.

card club theme schedule:
january–winter, get well
february–love, valentines
march–spring, hello, blank
april–mother’s day, female themed birthday, baby,
may–wedding, congrats, happy anniversary
june–summer, fathers day, male themed birthday,
july–kid birthday, thinking of you, blank
august–missing you, blank
september–fall themed, teacher
october–congrats, blank
november–thank you, christmas
december–happy new year, blank