Down the Parks Hwy

As we turned around the curve…

I could see cars pulled over and in Alaska this is code for “something cool is over here.”

There were two little herds of caribou out and about.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was casting this glow all over.  It was gorgeous.


snow plow fascination

My husband loves snow plows and has me take pictures every time we pass one.  The motion of a snow plow does not exactly translate in a photograph but I always capture the moment for him.  One of my favorite things about him is his childlike ways. 

morning madness

i do not love mornings. i wake up not happy. i have my theories about why. i don’t like messy things.  now this is going to sound crazy and i know this. you wake up to messy hair, messy bed, messy, messy, messy. crazy, crazy, crazy. =]

we always have messes from the night before. we do our cleaning in the morning when my husband is on this shift. so the mornings can be a little messy.

post office is first on our list after we get up and get going. we live in a town of 70-200 people.  we are very grateful we have a post office here.