get organized–eat fresh

 When I bring home fresh fruits and vegetables I clean them and then…..

place them in keep fresh containers. 

This has eliminated fruits and veggies going bad in my fridge.  I hardly ever waste after I started doing this.  Bentos also help….I know I am a Bento broken record but they are the most awesome tool in healthy eating.

bento 101

(Bought this one at Bed Bath and Beyond $17)
 (This one I bought at Target for $10 but I found a similar one at Walmart for $7)

1. Keep it simple
The best advice I read was to not put pressure on yourself to make Japanese style Bento’s.  Make simple fun Bento’s that your family will enjoy.

2. Prepare ahead
I normally make these the night before and everyone can just grab one as the leave the house.  

3. Use fresh ingredients
The point of making Bento’s for my family is that they are eating more healthy and less preservatives…not that I don’t throw in a treat or two sometimes.

4. Be creative
This is my favorite part of making Bento’s is that they allow me to be creative with our food.

5. Love the food you prepare
Make sure you are fixing items that everyone loves to eat.  Nothing is more frustrating than a full Bento making its way home.

6. Buying supplies
I shop Amazon, Japanese markets, and online stores.

7. Buying Bentos
Amazon has a large selection of Bento’s.  I have also found lunch containers in Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond. 

8. Follow blogs for inspiration
Happy Little Bento
Just Bento

100 Bento Boxes project


(EcoLunchbox on Amazon for $23.95)

bento boxes–breakfast bento

About eight years ago I started my little obsession with Bento Boxes.  I loved how you could have a variety of healthy foods in one little box but my favorite part was the creative heart that went into them. 

In the beginning it was very difficult to find boxes and now they are everywhere.  They range in price from $4.95 (at Target) to the zojirushi that can top out over $100. The Bento above is the Kenetic Go Green box that I purchased on Amazon for $10.99.

Find you a box and start creating healthy meals for you and your family.