Denali Park

Denali Park 2015

Denali Park is open to drive in 32 miles until the buses start moving around May 15. We have been taking full advantage of it. It is beautiful right now but nothing compares to what it looks like in the summer and fall. I am just grateful for every moment spent in that park.

ptarmigan leaca young photography
ptarmigan Denali Park

The ptarmigan are changing colors right now and it is mating season. They sit and cackle and one another. It is quite entertaining.

Denali Park ride 2015 HF0A1790 HF0A1792

Down the Parks Hwy

As we turned around the curve…

I could see cars pulled over and in Alaska this is code for “something cool is over here.”

There were two little herds of caribou out and about.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was casting this glow all over.  It was gorgeous.

putting away salmon

My DIL brought us salmon when she came to visit.  There is nothing better than fresh salmon.  When I moved to Alaska from the lower 48 I had this misconception that all salmon tastes the same. When I lived in Wyoming I would go to Walmart and buy a fillet, bring it home, cook it and love it. 

Now, I am very picky about the type of salmon and also the region it comes from.  My favorite salmon is king salmon from the Nushagak River.  My favorite red salmon comes from either the Copper River or the Kenai River. 

Some love more fat on their fish and some like it more lean.  The longer the river the salmon have to travel the more fat content.  I prefer fish with a thick layer of fat.  The flavor is richer and more full. 

halibut fishing

My son and his best friend from Wyoming flew in to fish in Homer with us.  My son is on the right.

Day one of fishing

I hung out in Homer while these guys fished.  There are tons of little shops to entertain me.

Halibut fishing Day two.  The biggest halibut was 115 lbs.  They caught rock fish, cod, and halibut.  We always fish with Polebenders.  When going on a fishing trip always book with a good charter.  It really does make a difference. 

my kind of hero

This week we will attend the funeral of two wonderful men, hero’s.  They died in the line of duty.  They were serving the people they loved and one of them took both their lives.

Some people understand their sacrifices.  Some people are even grateful for what these men do.  To them I am grateful.

The other day my husband was driving home from court in his trooper car and a man running slowed down, stopped, turned, and saluted him as he drove by.  That man “gets” it.

This saying is posted outside of the Alaska State Trooper Academy in Sitka.  It is one of my husbands favorite sayings at times like these it brings him peace.