gentle humility art journal

birds art journal birds art journalbirds art journal birds art journal I have Tracy Verdugo’s book Paint Mojo and I have been going through each lesson and recreating my own version.  I have also been taking Kelly Rae Roberts class Hello Soul Hello Mantras. So I combined the two and added a mantra from one of Kelly Rae’s lessons about mantras.  She gives you such great tips on creating them and creating art that inspires your inner self.

I really like this Moleskine journal because I added flip outs and I have plenty of space to art journal and then on the inside of the flap are where I keep my notes and thoughts on the lessons.  It is a great reference for me when I am learning and I also learn better when I take notes.  I love both of these artist and I am so grateful for the inspiration that is out there for all of us to access.

pure joy – art journal tutorial


  1. Write about anything (baking cookies, driving, parents, kids) and do not lift your pen (use a micron so it is waterproof). This will feel like rambling.


  1. Water down gesso and add a little color to it if you would like. Paint over words. Let the gesso dry and leave the gesso out because you will use this again.


  1. Layer ephemera using gel medium (Mod Podge). I coat the page with gel medium where I will be placing ephemera, then lay it down and then layer the gel medium over the top as well.  Press out any bubbles in the paper that you do not want there. Now, let dry.


  1. Choose three to four colors. (acrylics, water color pencils, watercolor crayons) Randomly paint over edges and such. Let dry.


  1. Lightly gesso over this layer and let dry.



  1. Drop paint on the page and take a credit card to apply the paint.

HF0A06907. Stencil with white on the page randomly.



9. Stamp or mark on the page with black randomly.  I just scraped black paint on with a card. Adding white and black to a page will give your page some great “bones” (foundation might be a better word) for when you add your art work.


10. Add art, stamps, quotes, or anything that feels right.  I am on a quest to learn how paint faces so I painted a face.

I love raw, primitive edges in my art so I try to not finish them off.  If I think too much I will spend too much time on the wrong subject.  I wanted the girl as my focus and the butterflies as my second focus. I left the butterflies very simple and used my opposite hand to sketch them.

I am trying to paint intuitively and not think too much about things.  Rumor has it that your art will just get better and better when it comes from the heart.

Happy Journaling!

Embrace Joy Flower Journal Entry

This was in our Life Book 2015 lesson this week but she has a similar tutorial on YouTube if you are interested. I think I will do more of these, it was quite fun.  I think I might use this as a warm up activity from time to time just to get the creative juices flowing.

I used watercolor crayons, acrylics, Posca pens, and ephemera.