unlikely inspiration

Jean Micael Bisquiat
I started reading Creative Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It has been a great companion for my mission of living a creative life and focusing on it this year.  It was on my list to read last year and it did not happen.  I have been diving into it today and I love it.

Today I was listening while I worked.  My new goal is to insert creative in to the mundane.  At work I am doing a lot of data processing and listening to books or podcasts really help.

Anyway, today I was listening and she was talking about wanting to start a garden. Then how that thought of a garden blossomed into wanting to know more about plants, and then a chain reaction ensued and then she wrote The Signature of All Things.  She talks about what if she just ignored that small voice that asked her to start a garden.  Read it.

Listening to her speak about that process reminds me of something I am currently following.  All the sudden Jean Michel Basquiat has been filling my thoughts.  I have always liked certain aspects of his art but have not really taken a plunge into the study of his work. I would wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming about a certain piece of his.  Finally I decided I could not ignore it any longer.  Now I am researching him, watching documentaries, movies, and looking at any piece of his work I can find.  He inspires me.  I did not think that could happen because of the way he died.  I just never thought someone who lived such a troubled life and then ending his life with a drug overdose would ever inspire me.  Now the way he lived his life and even his death have me looking at his work with a whole new set of eyes.  He was kind and with a soft heart but also rough around the edges and street smart. This beautiful mess he was inspires my own creative path.

thDustheads by Bisquiat

Maybe I will paint a piece inspired by him and maybe I will just let his creative path give me some freedom in my own path.

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