a creative life

2015-11-13 07.44.22How do you live a creative life?  I have been really thinking about this.

My situation now is this, I work now.  I work 37.5 hours to be exact.  My kids are in college or they are grown and have kids of their own.  I do have two dogs that I treat as if they were human and one really acts like he is human. Mainly it is just me, my husband, and our two dogs.  It does not seem like a lot to distract me from a creative life right? Wrong?

My brain has three stages of creativity.

1. I have creative waves.  I will go weeks oooooozing creativity (I almost typed “literally” oooozing).

2. I have days when I can go through the motion and even find sometime to muster up something to do creatively.  I mostly accomplish creativity at these times because I know what is coming next if I don’t.  (see number three)

3. Then I have days when it is crickets.  No crickets are more creative.  It is more like a brain and body full of nothing.  When this happens I am scattered (more than normal) and I can’t collect my thoughts or my direction.  I absolutely hate these times.

So, I have identified the problem.  What could possibly be the solution?

My plan of attack is….

1. Reading about creativity
2. Listening to Podcasts about creativity or that are creative
3. Organizing my time and spaces to set me up for success
4. Blog more about this topic so I keep it in the forefront of my mind
5. Set goals, mantras, and focus words that move me towards a creative life
6. Write or draw in a journal daily

I am going to try some of the things out and bring it back to the blog world like a shining beacon to attract more creativity in my life.

How about you?  How do you bring more creativity into your life?

3 thoughts on “a creative life

  1. I don’t have any great secret, I’m afraid. I try to have a notebook nearby at all times and on posting days I just sit at the computer until the post is finished, all day if necessary.

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