creative love giveaway

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Two journals, prayers flags, valentine cards, hair ties, and fun ephemera.

I love journaling of any kind. I have several that I stay pretty active in. I have a quote journal, several art journals, sketch journals, mini journals, watercolor journals, list journal. Anyway I like having more than one journal to work in and so I have included two in this giveaway along with a lot of other fun items. I have small tutorials and displays here on my blog if you need tips for journaling.

To enter to win:
1. Follow my blog here, on Facebook, or Bloglovin.
2. Comment on this post and tell me what fills your heart with love.
3. Follow my facebook art page or my instagram @leaca_travels

Friday, February 7, I will announce the winner and ask for them to email me their address so I can send these goodies their way. I will be shipping this internationally so anyone can enter.

a creative life

2015-11-13 07.44.22How do you live a creative life?  I have been really thinking about this.

My situation now is this, I work now.  I work 37.5 hours to be exact.  My kids are in college or they are grown and have kids of their own.  I do have two dogs that I treat as if they were human and one really acts like he is human. Mainly it is just me, my husband, and our two dogs.  It does not seem like a lot to distract me from a creative life right? Wrong?

My brain has three stages of creativity.

1. I have creative waves.  I will go weeks oooooozing creativity (I almost typed “literally” oooozing).

2. I have days when I can go through the motion and even find sometime to muster up something to do creatively.  I mostly accomplish creativity at these times because I know what is coming next if I don’t.  (see number three)

3. Then I have days when it is crickets.  No crickets are more creative.  It is more like a brain and body full of nothing.  When this happens I am scattered (more than normal) and I can’t collect my thoughts or my direction.  I absolutely hate these times.

So, I have identified the problem.  What could possibly be the solution?

My plan of attack is….

1. Reading about creativity
2. Listening to Podcasts about creativity or that are creative
3. Organizing my time and spaces to set me up for success
4. Blog more about this topic so I keep it in the forefront of my mind
5. Set goals, mantras, and focus words that move me towards a creative life
6. Write or draw in a journal daily

I am going to try some of the things out and bring it back to the blog world like a shining beacon to attract more creativity in my life.

How about you?  How do you bring more creativity into your life?

creative freedom

Grandma and all her grandchildren at the time.
I started when I was young just like everyone else loving my creations.  I remember my first self doubt when I was young sitting at the ranch in my grandmothers office and she sat me down with an orange and some cloves.  She instructed me to make an ornament by taking the cloves and pressing them through the flesh of the orange.  I could choose to make a pattern or I could just cover the orange.  It was my choice.  Oh the pressure of this was more than I could bear.  It lasted about a minute and then my grandma said to me, “no pressure, just have fun.”  She explained the orange was going to be beautiful and smell wonderful no matter what I created.  She took away the pressure I was feeling and replaced it with freedom.

We all feel this pressure when we create sometimes. Some of us more than others.  Some of us do it by putting pressure for money, deadlines, and others self made pressure.  This pressure can suck the joy out of creating.  For me I decided long ago not to play along.  I never place a dollar amount on what I create.  However, I do fall into the deadline category sometimes.  It is a painful feeling to place pressure into my creativity.  Creativity is a natural thing for everyone.  It is a practice we should all partake of.  When we place pressure on our creativity we lose our creative freedom and therefore do not see being creative as a fun, freeing experience.

How can we be free creatively?

1.  By being kind to ourselves.  NO harsh self talk.  When these voices come into your head just ask them politely to go away and then see some good in what you have created or the creative thought you are nurturing.

2.  Don’t box yourself in.  If you are photographer and you want to paint.  Go paint.  I say this because I did this.  For a lot of years I stopped playing in paint and just played with my camera.  One day I decided to play in paint again and it is what I do most of the time.  I still take pictures and I adore photography but it is not my path right now.  Right now it is painting.  So I am following it.

3.  Start your creative process with the bold NO PRESSURE attitude.  Just have fun and enjoy it.

4.  Remember creativity is your God given right.  You were born a creative, we all were.   Do not put a place marker in your creativity.  Don’t compare yourself to others or let them compare themselves to you.  You do not have to be the best or even place yourself in some rank.  “You are you.  That is truer than true.  No one can be you better than you.” Dr. Seuss

5.  As far as deadlines are concerned, start early and give yourself time and space to finish things.

my creative mom

Rodney Grandpa Grandma

My mom was a creative person.  She found joy in creating.  When I say this, I really mean it.  She was they type of person that did not have to be the “best” at what she was doing she just wanted to be a part of it. She pulled so much joy from it.  Each holiday my mom made a homemade card for each family member. You looked forward to it.  Think about how simple this is.  My mom loved creating and it brought her joy.  Now you have people scattered across the country who several times a year are getting “happy mail” and they are experiencing joy.  Simple, right?

One of my goals in the past has been to learn from every experience I can.  Knowledge is power.  I feel strong when I am learning from those around me.

I am a list person and they make me happy.  Let’s make a list out of this lesson.

What I learned about JOY from my mom;

1. Do what you love.

2. You do not have to be the best at something for it to make you happy.

3. Share what you love with your family and friends.

Lesson learned Folks!

here’s to a creative year


Most of the time I have already figured out my year and what I want to do with it.  I will have a focus words and have broken that down into my “dreams” for the year.  At the end of the year I am normally pretty happy with how my year concluded.

Last year was a great.  I have a great life.  I have a beautiful and very lovely family.  Things are good.  To be honest ever since my mom died I consider every year that no one in my family dies or is terribly ill a really great year.  It is crazy how that one event changed so much of my thinking.

Anyway, this year I am struggling to pin down exactly how to accomplish everything I need to.

Highlights from 2015

1. I started painting on canvas

2. I took a class from my favorite artist…actually two of them.

3. I had my first semi solo art showing

4. Started daily creative rituals….most days.

5. Started meditation

6. Grandkids….they are always a highlight!

Things I am looking forward to in 2016

1. My 25 wedding anniversary

2. More art shows

3. Creative everyday

4. Continue doing a 365 photo project but add weekly DSLR shots

5. Getting my grandkids for one whole month

6. My dad and Trish coming to visit this summer

7. Going to Cancun with family and friends in May

8. Having my work on display all summer at Tonglen Lake Lodge
9. A healthier, happier me!

Have you thought about what you want for your 2016?