Denali Park

Denali Park 2015

Denali Park is open to drive in 32 miles until the buses start moving around May 15. We have been taking full advantage of it. It is beautiful right now but nothing compares to what it looks like in the summer and fall. I am just grateful for every moment spent in that park.

ptarmigan leaca young photography
ptarmigan Denali Park

The ptarmigan are changing colors right now and it is mating season. They sit and cackle and one another. It is quite entertaining.

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Why journal?

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For years I have kept a journal and they have been my best friends in moments I have felt all alone.  At times I kept one to complain and voice my grievances and one to be grateful and ramble in.  Each one has served its purpose in my life.  Now I do not have a journal for grievances but I think life was harder back then.  I heard someone say once to write for 20 minutes each day and spend 10 minutes writing your complaints and grievances and then spend 10 minutes writing your blessings.  Then see how long you could continue.  Not too long after I was spending the 20 minutes on my blessings.  I just felt better.  I am not saying I did not go back to old Martha (that is what I called my journal) but I spend less time being down and more time looking for the good in my life.

Anyway, I digress, that happens a lot with me.

I start each day in my journals.  It is so wonderful to sit and gather my thoughts and think about my day in a way that inspires me and brings joy to my life.  If you have not started one, go out and find you a fun journal, and then a nice comforting pen and start your day organizing and sorting your thoughts.  I know you will not regret it.

She is unimpressed….

HF0A1468I probably say this a lot but faces are so difficult for me.  After I finished this journal entry the girl was looking at me unimpressed.  I had to laugh out loud.  I finally said, “I’m not impressed with you either.”

I do feel it is important to find something you love about every entry.  I love the stamp below the girl.  My husband and I made them out of cheap foam and I love them.  I also love the colors and the cute bird on the top of the left page.  I can also see my growth with faces.  Not everything needs to be perfect to be a success, I guess.

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