Tag Art — Mantras

Another lesson in Life Book 2015 on tags by Roben-Marie Smith.  It was a lot of fun and I decided to add some mantras to mine and display them where I could see them.  I want to make more using all different types of color combinations.

I just stapled some ribbon that was on a package I ordered from Etsy around Christmas time.  I love it when I can give items a purpose that I might otherwise throw away. 

Thanks for dropping by and have a beautiful creative day!

The adventures of Leaca and Nutmeg

Today Nutmeg and I decided to go for a walk.  I had a roasted chicken in the oven and twenty minutes to spare. 
We head down the nicely plowed road. (See picture #2) Everyone left earlier to snowshoe and go sledding. Then we heard family members off in the distance so we decided to go see what they were doing.  The trial was sort of clear. 
At first I think to myself this is a bad idea.  You don’t have your snow shoes on.  But then Nut and I look at each other and say,  “we’ve got this”.  We didn’t.  The snow was up to my thigh at one point, then improved.  We kept going.  In places it was up to my knee.  
Now if your thinking about Nut, she was alright but looking up at me screaming, “Abort!”.  
So as I turn to leave I couldn’t not see Nut.  She was no where.  I’m looking in trees, down the trail, and even in front of me. Nothing.  I start screaming for her I feel something scratching my leg, as I look down there she was.  She had positioned herself between my feet to not fall in the snow.
We finally make it to the road.  Nut only fell in one more time.  We survived.  We came home and I gave her a whole treat.  She’s a happy girl.  
I got myself an orange.  I look over and there she is…..fast a sleep.  Snoring as loud as an old man.
1. Me
2. My little Nut the #shihtzu
3. I’m wearing #stegerboots and they give me courage because I’m not cold.  
4.  The trail on our way out.  This is the point where Nut and I see salvation and think we won’t die after all.  

note ::: no pictures on Nut covered in snow because….well…PETA scares me.  I’m a good pet owner, ask anyone.

Embrace the Journey — Art Journal

 I had some old bingo cards and I the prompt for DLP was What Lies Beneath.  So I thought I would just paint on these and then make copies to put in my journal.  I really love Flora Bowley and I have been so inspired by her work.  I wanted to do something in her style and see if I could find a place there.  This was really difficult for me to do.  I really want to take one of her classes.  She is teaching this year in the Life Book 2015 and I can’t wait. 

Sketchbook — faces

I was feeling cold so I drew a bundled up and cozy girl.  I read on Instagram about a woman who is sketching 100 faces this year to brush up on this skill.  After reading that I decided to draw faces a couple of times a week.  They are not my strong point and they do not come easy to me.  Practice, practice, practice….right?!