Travel Art Jornal Kit

I struggle with what to take in my kit and each time I have either taken too much or not enough.  I think these kits are so personal.  What I recommend is to put your kit together and take it with you on a walk or a drive.  Find a nice spot to work in your journal and see if the contents in your journal work.  You will notice items you do or don’t like and can modify your kit from there.  I did this today and I ended up removing watercolor crayons based on my journal paper.  Normally I love them but not on this paper.

Everything fits into the 5X9 clear plastic bag.  I try to make myself stay within this size or I let it get out of hand.  I found the bag at Target.  I like that it is clear so that I can access items easily.  I also have a smaller one for all the loose items.  Then I am not digging or losing items at the bottom.  

Little scissors, 6 inch ruler, Scarlet Lime pen, charcoal pencil, stabilo pencil, Tol mechanical pencil, and a white pen.  

 Mechanical pencil lead, erasers, glue stick, and white acrylic paint.

 My travel journal.  I bought this one at Barnes and Noble and I love it.  If it were me I would spend my money on the watercolor kit and journal.  I get excited to use this again.

 Koi watercolor travel kit complete with water brush.  Score!

I include a few pictures of my loved ones and my puppies.  I do have pictures on my phone but for some reason I gain inspiration from printed photographs.  It helps me when I am homesick and when I need an inspirational boost.  It just works for me. 

 A couple of sheets of parchment paper to place between pages if needed.

Miscellaneous tags for sketches or projects I don’t want in my journal.

There it is my travel kit.  What does yours look like?


After I finished this post I added some inktense pencils.  I crammed them in.  I may have to rethink them and maybe just include my favorites but for now they are all in. 

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