Dating my husband….

We live in a town that consist of 70-200 people.  It fluctuates with the weather.  We live in beautiful surroundings but not amenities.  In the summer Glitter Gulch, Denali, and McKinley Village open up and are alive with people, cute little shops, and fun places to eat.  That is only four months of our year.  So the rest of the year you have to entertain yourself.  There are no grocery stores so you also have to plan ahead.  Last minute plans don’t really work for us unless it is a quick trip to town and that in itself is not a quick three hours to the nearest grocery store.  
I decided I was going to be better about having dates with my husband.  When the kids were little we tried our best to make time and actually we were better then than we are now.  So, anyhow I am a fairly creative person and I think we can do this.  
So my plan was to go on a drive, pack a picnic, listen to 80s music and end the day watching an 80s movie from back in the day, Top Gun.  I packed a picnic full of our favorites and it was delicious.  We listened to 80s music and drove around looking at all the wild life.  We ended the night at home watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Netflix did not have Top Gun and I did not want to pay for our movie) and eating chicken tacos.  It was not the greatest date but we had fun and took the time for us.  I am already thinking of what to do next week.  
How about you?  Do you do a weekly date with your significant other? 

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