Rare Pattern — Art Journal

I have been on a bug streak in my journal.  I have been having a good time listening to Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. It is like having a party in your art room.  I laugh and cry, then laugh some more.  All the while painting little bugs in my journal.  It doesn’t get better than this Folks!

Since I am a photographer by nature I get a little carried away lately when I am taking pictures of my layouts.  I really love the mess that happens around me when I am playing in my journals.  Is mess art?  It feels like it.  With that said I promptly clean it up before I leave the room.

Sorry I had to take a few more.  I love these little bottles and they really know how to work the camera.

My constant companion doesn’t think it is good enough to just be in this room with me he has to be in the little spot under my desk.  And then he looks at me like this the whole time.  Begging me to stop and pay more attention to him.  Sometimes he falls asleep.  I wasn’t so lucky today.  Love that pup!

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