10 things about Jayzee RIP

1. We called her Bubbers.
2. She was more than “just” a dog to our family.

3. She loved to sit outside in the hot sun.
4. She was happiest when the kids were home. She would cry when we dropped them off to school.
5. She could catch mice with our cat.
6. She was my lap dog.
7. Gordon ran over her in our SUV and she survived with no broken bones or internal injuries.
8. She would alpha big dogs and sometimes large moose. They would both run from her like she was a giant. She only weighed 12 pounds.
9. Gordon and I have been married 23 years and she was ours for 18 years.
10. She passed away today at the age of 19 years. We love her and will dearly miss her.

It’s Friday and I’m Obsessed

Picture above is from the summer.  I love the African woven bag, the kale bursting from the top, and even a piece of my favorite scarf peeks in.

1.  My niece Teni’s new photography blog.  She is just starting to do family pictures but I love her style and that she is taking the plunge.

2. Since being diagnosed with gluten, egg, and tomato allergies I have been loving the gluten free blog scene.  My favorite so far is Fork and Beans.  I never heard of her blog until I bought her book and I fell in love. 

3. Country music.  I know it’s weird but I have been listening to country music a lot lately.   Sometimes I just need to break from the norm. 

4. The One Hundred Foot Journey was one of my favorite reads this summer.  I loved that it was not typical.  There were many stories in the one story but told from one person.  The movie was good too but only loosely based on the book in my opinion. 

5. Being home.  I love to travel and it makes coming home so sweet.  I love having a list, finishing it and doing what ever I want for the rest of the day.  Reading, photo shoots, playing with boys upstairs, learning to bake in a whole new way, journal entries, and sipping hot tea.  Oh my!  that is pure heaven.