It’s Friday & I’m Obsessed…..

Blueberries ::: it is blueberry season here and I am dreaming of all the treats I will be making with them.

iPhone apps ::: mextures and little moments…..I create everything with these two apps lately.

Blog posts ::: this post has my heart and mind deep in thought.

On the Kindle ::: what is it with me and books about food…I can’t get enough.

Scent ::: love this perfume and I was grateful they would ship to Alaska.

putting away salmon

My DIL brought us salmon when she came to visit.  There is nothing better than fresh salmon.  When I moved to Alaska from the lower 48 I had this misconception that all salmon tastes the same. When I lived in Wyoming I would go to Walmart and buy a fillet, bring it home, cook it and love it. 

Now, I am very picky about the type of salmon and also the region it comes from.  My favorite salmon is king salmon from the Nushagak River.  My favorite red salmon comes from either the Copper River or the Kenai River. 

Some love more fat on their fish and some like it more lean.  The longer the river the salmon have to travel the more fat content.  I prefer fish with a thick layer of fat.  The flavor is richer and more full. 

playing with cheyenne

This is our first grand-daughter and our only daughter.  We have had such a great time with this little angel.  This little hat she is wearing her grandmother made.  She is the cutest little old lady who struggles with arthritis and still manages to make the cutest little creations. 

Seeing toys strewn everywhere just makes my heart soar.  Not sure why but something about the randomness of the little toys just makes me happy.

Isn’t she beautiful?  Ugh! I can’t get enough.

bear watching

The photo above was taken from my car with an iPhone. 

Alaska wildlife is everywhere.  With that been said, it can sometimes be ‘hit or miss’ when seeing wildlife.  We had a friend in town that wanted to see bears.  The whole time he was here we did not see one bear until the day I drove him to the airport and on the side of the road was a sow and two cubs.