diy post card swap

iHanna does a post card swap every year.  I just heard about it this year and joined in.  I have been involved in other kinds of swaps that you generally are only sending to one person.  This one I made 10 post cards to send out and I will receive 10 post cards.  How fun is that?!

First I dabbed paint on the cards and took a brayer roller over the top to make the backgrounds.

Then I drew on the pages of an old book.  Cut them out.  Ran them through the Xryon sticker maker

Applied watercolor to the images and attached them to the post cards. 

I use pens to outline the images.

Lastly I Mod Podged the surface.


15 thoughts on “diy post card swap

  1. Really nice job on the cards! The sticker maker is the best, isn't it?
    p.s. You might be happy to know that iHanna has 2 postcard swaps every year…in Spring and Fall. 🙂

  2. Oh Im in love these are awesome…fingers crossed I get one lol.

    I have had so much fun im def joining the next round.

    hugs xo

  3. received my cup of morning coffee. thank you so much for the postcard. i look forward to each one that arrives, and i'm always sad when the final card arrives.

  4. hi eleaca, i received one of your adorable postcards! your first name had been a little bit scratched off, so i wasn't sure who you were, and like cindy, i wanted to send an email letting you know it arrived. how happy was i as i read cyndee's post today. she included pictures and as soon as i saw the coffee mug postcard-and that it was from alaska, i knew it was from the same “person” that i had received a card from! i clicked right over and am happy i can let you know how much i love your postcard! i like your blog too. i've looked at a few posts, and i have to say i have never heard of the “pickle (pikle) bag! how cool-more investigating will be done about those 🙂 now that you've had it for awhile-are you still liking it? i bet it could be used for artsy stuff as well. i mailed a postcard to everyone that sent me one, so your's should be showing up any day. i'm not familiar with how the xyron works…did you watercolor the images before or after you ran them thru it? darling cards-fun and whimsical! this was my first postcard swap and it's been a blast-with the added bonus of discovering new blogs and people to follow via facebook. thanks to cyndee for her post, which led me to you-and to hanna for doing the swap, which has expanded my circle of inspiration and creativity =)

  5. Good morning, Eleaca! I, too, wanted to thank you for the postcard I received from you in iHanna's swap! It's just beautiful. I love it, and it's going in my Documented Life journal as a flap to document my participation in the swap. Thank you! xo

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