April — Month in Review

I sit down this morning with a mug full of yumminess (NOT A real word, I know), and I look back at this month.  I have goals achieved and goals that I did not complete.  I somehow always count those as a success.  I tried.  That is a success in itself.

*My 365….still in tact.  Another month down.

*I completed 27 days of my 30 day goal for blogging in April.  Next year I will try to do better.  I learned a lot of doing this and might try it again this year. 

*Reading two books each month.  I have read Daddy Long Legs, by Jean Webster and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

*Riding my bike almost everyday.  I love my bike. 

*I have completed each challenge for the DLP. 

*I have taken a shot for the 52 weeks of me but not all of the prompts for the NOW YOU

*I have only taken one shot for the 52 weeks of Us.

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