When I was growing up my dad would always say, “Wake up and let’s get going so we can enjoy the rest of the day.” I recently told him that it is my favorite thing that he taught me.  He beamed with pride.  If you are familiar with me you know my family is very important to me and my dad leads the list.

Anyway, mornings are not my favorite but I can handle them better when I get in a zone and get things done.  Then I can sit and enjoy my morning without a list weighing me down.

First thing I make my bed, clean my bathroom, and take out the trash.  Then I will look down the hall and normally see a scene like the one below….

Ugh! Laundry….really?  Yes, it never goes away just grows this amazing life of its own.  So, next step is to start a load.

Ummmm, now ask me if I passed this trait along to my children.  Obviously not! Her theory is that it is stupid to make your bed because you are just going to get back into it.  Oh my!  I raised her…..and kind of proud of it too.

My husband is trained well.  He helps me vacuum and then I dust, make breakfast, take out the trash and then I plop down in a chair and enjoy breakfast and a hot cup of tea.  Not too bad. 

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