DLP Week 17 ::: your favorite pair of shoes

 This is completely unfinished.  I may show a copy at the end of the week or just add it later to this post.  Yes, later at the end of this post.   Anyway, I always add little tidbits through the week and I normally shade more (add grundge as Roben Marie would say). 

I struggled at first with this prompt because I am not really an obsessed shoe girl.  Then I thought about TOMS.  I love buying them because they give a pair to a child in need.  After my massage therapist Angie informed me of that I have been buying them ever since and even received a pair for Christmas from a good friend. 

Above in the middle page is a girl I drew a month or so ago but I didn’t really like her but thankfully I did not throw her away because she found her place on this page.  The balloons are magazine clippings that I had saved.  The camera, heart and scalloped edge are from an old book I bought at a thrift store.  I draw images on the pages, cut them out, and then run them through the xyron.  It is my new favorite technique. 

2 thoughts on “DLP Week 17 ::: your favorite pair of shoes

  1. Your pages are lovely! I am so far behind the documented life, not sure if I can even catch up! I should just get started next week. lol Seems like I never have the time. I am taking so many classes, I don't complete any of them except for a digital class I am taking. I am totally up to date with that!
    Good for you Eleaca, using found things! I love that! ~ Deb
    PS: I subscribed to you on my art account rather than the other one, in case you wondered.

  2. I use the planner as “no pressure” artwork. Just fun. Jump in and just enjoy it. Start with this week and move forward. I've seen your art and I bet your planner will be awesome.

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