Needs-no-meat Pizza on Flatbread

I love pizza without meat.  My husband loves meat.  I figured out that I can trick him by just adding flavor.  I always break and confess that there is no meat and he always reply’s with, “It would have been even better if it had meat!”  To that I always feel defeated and want to choke him.  I said “want” to choke him.  I never do nor do I condone such behavior.  I normally get over it and complain to someone about my carnivorous family.  Finally my niece says to not mention the no meat, ever.  Just let it slide.  Don’t call it Meatless Monday or Free Friday or any such nonsense.  Just cook good, healthy food that tastes delicious.

So for lunch I made this pizza.  I filled it with seasonings, and veggies.  I always start with flatbread.  It is my favorite go to pizza crust, my version of frozen pizza.  Then I add about a tablespoon of sauce.  I saute the veggies and seasonings to top my pizza and then I top with fresh mozzerella.  I always round the edge of my pizza with a good olive oil and bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.  It was dreamy delicious.  The best part is that he ate his and then the rest of the leftovers.  I never mention the meat or the veggies.  He never mentioned them either.

Needs-no-meat Pizza on Flatbread

1 cup chopped mushrooms
1 med onion chopped
1/2 cup chopped brocolli
Olive oil
Penzeys Tuscan Sunset Seasoning
Penzeys Pizza Seasoning
(I always buy Penzeys seasonings and spices because they are fresh…it makes a big difference)
Pinch of salt

Saute the veggies and seasonings in olive oil.

I always have freeze dehydrated foods on hand.  We live in Alaska in the middle of no where and we can run out of things from time to time.  I am normally only cooking for 2-3 people and I hate wasting food.  A few years ago a friend suggested I buy freeze dehydrated foods from a company named Thrive.  I have loved it and it has saved my meals on more than one occasion.

That brings me to my sauce.  I use the freeze dehydrated to make my sauce and I can tailor it to fit the size of meal I am preparing.

Sauce–jar sauce is fine too

2 tablespoons tomato powder
1 teaspoon bell pepper
1 teaspoon onion
salt to taste

I add the amount of water it calls for. 

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