finding joy in your home

Today I walked around with my cell phone and took pictures of my favorite corners of my home.  It surprised me what ended up on my phone as I looked around.  Even the mess in my craft room made the list.  I think it is important to surround yourself with joy.  Life on the outside of my walls can be crazy and I want to come home and escape from the world outside.  I want to be inspired and feel relaxed in my home. 

Joy Inducers 

childrens art work
mason jars
home baked goodies
pictures of friends and family
chalkboards…my favorite
cameras….obviously a must in my home.
momentos from your travels
moleskine notebooks
well worn aprons
gifts from loved ones
art work
cozy corners
color filled rooms
messes created out of talents or hobbies
canvas bags
linen fabrics
and the list goes on….

What is in your home that brings you joy?  Do you need more joy in your home?  Are you overlooking items that might need enhancing?  Take a photo walk around your home.  The results might surprise you. 

4 thoughts on “finding joy in your home

  1. I love your photos! What a great way to find joy! I plan on doing this today. Could you tell me what you used to make your photos into circles…. or is it an app for your phone? I would love to know because I love how they turned out!

  2. Ok!!! I LOVE this!!! I've been so focused on “fixing” I need to embrace what I love! Right now, I love my season wall filled with fall colors from an inspirations of mine- YOU!!! Love you! Thanks for always lifting me higher!

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