The DLP Week 14 — embellish your name

I do not know what happened with my “L” but I went with it.  I had to add a camera because it is my first love even though this art thing is coming in as a close second….as far as home hobbies go.

Up top Casey found a place in my planner.  It says, “Casey’s Smile makes my day!”  He lights up the room.  Our friends are hosting their brother for a month and we are having a great time.

I added a little tidbit from Frozen.  I have been trying to add little bits that reflect the date and time of what is going on around me.  Frozen is a big part of that right now.  Everyday it comes up in conversation or I see it somewhere, or a song comes on the radio.  Love it!

I try to add a journal page or two each time.  This time I added a page to journal and a journal page with a prompt, Balancing Obsessions with Reality.  I love using my favorite cutouts from magazines.  This project has been so much fun.  I always look forward to Saturdays when they announce the new weeks prompt.  Anyone can join in at anytime.  You can join the facebook group or just look on their blog for new prompts.

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