Bless YOUR heart birthday bash

 The Coconut Lime cake

 Our photobooth chalkboard

 Our party clan

 Our Southern Belle and her big moment

 Coupons for babysitting, fix it jobs, long talks, and more.

Green Chili Chicken Soup

Green Chili Chicken Soup

2-4 chicken breast, chopped
1 large onion, diced
1 1/2 cups mushrooms, sliced
1 can of white beans, drained
1 large can of green chili enchilada sauce
3 cans of green chill is
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
Salt and Pepper to taste

Saute the chicken and onion until the chicken is no longer pink.  Add the mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes.  Add the beans, enchilada sauce, green chillies, and remaining ingredients.  Bring to a boil then turn it down and simmer.

Top with shredded cheese if you choose.  Serve with warm tortillas. (we made quesadilas)

It’s Friday and I’m Obsessed….

*I started buying fresh flowers every time I drove to town and now I can’t stop.  I love them so much. 

*Her drawings…..I can’t get enough. 

*Her artwork, doodles, and lettering. 

*Art journaling has become an obsession.  I love it. It is such a great outlet. I still love photography but it’s nice to have another creative outlet.

*This lip treatment.  A few years ago a friend bought me one for my birthday and I have not been able to live without it since.  When I went to replace it and came upon the price I almost blew a gasket.  I called the friend and asked her what she was thinking.  Now, I have accepted the price because I love it so much.  I am even cruel enough to purchase it for my friends and family. 


When I was growing up my dad would always say, “Wake up and let’s get going so we can enjoy the rest of the day.” I recently told him that it is my favorite thing that he taught me.  He beamed with pride.  If you are familiar with me you know my family is very important to me and my dad leads the list.

Anyway, mornings are not my favorite but I can handle them better when I get in a zone and get things done.  Then I can sit and enjoy my morning without a list weighing me down.

First thing I make my bed, clean my bathroom, and take out the trash.  Then I will look down the hall and normally see a scene like the one below….

Ugh! Laundry….really?  Yes, it never goes away just grows this amazing life of its own.  So, next step is to start a load.

Ummmm, now ask me if I passed this trait along to my children.  Obviously not! Her theory is that it is stupid to make your bed because you are just going to get back into it.  Oh my!  I raised her…..and kind of proud of it too.

My husband is trained well.  He helps me vacuum and then I dust, make breakfast, take out the trash and then I plop down in a chair and enjoy breakfast and a hot cup of tea.  Not too bad. 

flowers and puppy noses

One of my favorite things to do with my flowers when I photograph them is to set them on the ground and take a picture of the whole bouquet.  My puppies love it too.  I end up with shots like this every time.  It is funny how I keep these and the ones with out puppy noses are never to be seen again.  I guess I love life with all its imperfections.  Maybe, I don’t love it so much as embrace it. 

Have a beautiful imperfect day!

DLP Week 17 ::: your favorite pair of shoes

 This is completely unfinished.  I may show a copy at the end of the week or just add it later to this post.  Yes, later at the end of this post.   Anyway, I always add little tidbits through the week and I normally shade more (add grundge as Roben Marie would say). 

I struggled at first with this prompt because I am not really an obsessed shoe girl.  Then I thought about TOMS.  I love buying them because they give a pair to a child in need.  After my massage therapist Angie informed me of that I have been buying them ever since and even received a pair for Christmas from a good friend. 

Above in the middle page is a girl I drew a month or so ago but I didn’t really like her but thankfully I did not throw her away because she found her place on this page.  The balloons are magazine clippings that I had saved.  The camera, heart and scalloped edge are from an old book I bought at a thrift store.  I draw images on the pages, cut them out, and then run them through the xyron.  It is my new favorite technique.