{e} family

I am always excited to photograph family.  I made a goal years ago to photograph everyone I loved.  Each time I take another shot of the ones I love it brings my heart joy. 

{b} family

I forgot to post these when I took them in December.  I guess it is better late than never.  I thought they turned out really cute.  Love this family.

that time of day — evening

I have a confession to make.  I hate color photographs.  There I said it.  Not just any color photos, mostly just my own.  I can never seem to process or shoot them correctly for that matter.  It is on my list this year to figure it out.  Photo projects are my way of sneaking in the stuff I do not want to do.  So, I am starting a photography project based on the time of day.  I am just going to shoot what represents a certain time of day.  In the picture above you can see my apron.  At the end of the day I take it off.  The sight of the apron represents the end of my day. Yay! 

I just took the time to shoot from right where I was standing.  Our evening light is really bright right now.  I am loving that.  It is my favorite thing about Alaska.  The flip side is the low light winters.  I choose to focus on the long days of spring and summer.

photowalking — two miles of sunshine

I was playing with my fish eye lens and he was pretending to walk low and do something….I can’t remember what.

 Summit loves life and everyone in it…a little too much sometimes.

 He started to lose his juice and was ready for the walk to be over.

He got real close and asked, “Leace, will you carry me?”  To that his mom said, “NO!”  She likes the boys to stay active and takes them out everyday to play, walk, or hike.  She is such a good little mommy.

We finally made it home to this face.