The Documented Life Project ::: week 7

 Gathering supplies.  I pull a bunch out and then sometimes never use them.

 Last week I applied Gesso to this months pages to eliminate one step for myself later.

 Layer by layer I play with each page.  Still learning but I am enjoying this journey.

 Final page titled “Wall of Fame”. 

 The inside page.  I used insta prints from my Fuji instant camera. 

This journal is getting fat.  I hope the binding holds up.

Wearing red for Bryson

We have some friends and their little guy was born with half a heart seven years ago.  He is the sweetest little guy and he has the family to match.  For the month of February they wear red and I thought I would join in and show my support.

To remind myself (because I can be forgetful) I placed a red scarf at the end of my bed.

Today I pulled out all my red clothes and I did not have much.  So, I went to Old Navy and loaded up.

 I love Old Navy pj’s and earrings.

The Documented Life Project — Inspired by Kay Squires

I have been doing this project on Facebook.  It has been a lot of fun and has helped me exercise my creative brain.  I am creative but not exactly an artist.  So, this has been humbling as well.  I love the prompts they give each week and have learned so much. 

 The prompt this week was to find inspiration on Pinterest and do your own version.  I thought of my Grandma Chello when I did this one.  She would always tell me I was beautiful and still does.  She was really great for my self esteem. 

I added the FMS photo a day prompt calendar in the insert so I always have it close by.  I do not use the prompts everyday but I like having them when I am stumped.