Caribou Chronicles

Everyday my husband tells me to grab my camera and we hit the road.  EVERYDAY.  He thinks I am a much happier person if I am able to take some pictures each day.  He might be right.

We drive south of Cantwell and see the normal herd of caribou.  They are always there.  Then We drove north.

I could see some on the road and it looked like they were going to run off the road into the brush.  One took off but the rest stayed on course.

He ended up joining them and they ran next to our car for a good amount of time allowing me to take some close up shots…..of their bums.  Still I was getting close up shots.

This guy had a band around his neck.  Biologists will track him from this device.  My husband said he found one of these guys with this band that had been hit by a car and he had to call a number and the biologist come and pick up the band.  I guess they cost $20K.  Yikes!  It allows them to track the herds migration as well as other things I am sure. 

 Up the road we found these guys just hanging out. 

This guy is called Panoramic and he is magnificent.  I get lost in his details.  The jagged edges, slopes and exposed rocks just fascinate me.  The beauty that surrounds me is never lost for someone to admire it while I am around.

DARN telephone wires.

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