frosty with a side of sunshine

Our temperatures have been so crazy lately but the sunshine is right on schedule.  I have been loving it.  Seeing it just makes me smile.

These two love to get out and explore…normally sniffing all the places other animals have been.  Oy Vey! Whatever makes them happy.

The higher temps have been melting Olaf but today he is showing some frost.

Cantwell adventures

I wanted to use my fisheye lens since I have had it for months now and have not really used it.  I like it but hate cropping off the black circle.  We ran into Sonya and the boys on our ride and I was excited for some subjects to photograph.  The boys seem to have fun too.

This is one of my favorites of the boys.  Their eyes are just gorgeous.

 He wanted a shot of him jumping.

 King of the mountain.

 Panoramic Mountain

And last but not least a caribou.

the boys

Everyday the boys come down from their apartment and say hello.  Today they had little guys with them that they wanted pictures taken of.  I could  not convince them to put them down.  So, I improvised….and gave in too.

Car wanted a picture with the “perfect girl”. 

lunch date

There is no restaurant in our tiny town.  We miss eating out sometimes and so we took to the road for two hours one way to have lunch.  It was a beautiful drive.

 Do you ever look at yourself and think, “Wow….she’s old”?  I do not feel as old as I look but I am grateful for my age.  I am 43 years this year.  I have had a wonderful life.  I have a great dad, wonderful husband, great kids, wonderful daughter in law and three absolutely gorgeous grandchildren.  I can leave out family and friends.  That Bitz family is as close as it gets to being family without having our blood in their veins.  (they are the family you see in my pictures all the time)

Me trying to get a shot of all of us.  Unsuccessful attempt but somehow I still like it. 

Snowshoe adventures

I am wearing my husbands snowshoes because I hate my MSR’s.  They have too many buckles…these are easier to get on and off.

Summit, we call him handsome all the time and Kel thinks we should have just named him that.  We call him Summit when we are mad at him.

 The road where we live.  I think it is so beautiful that I never want to leave.

Our gang, tribe, possy, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.  In simple form, these are my people.  Everyone should have a group like this. I love them!  I love that Sonya pulls our little man C around.  When he wants her to stop he puts his upper body over the side and pushes.  She flies backward and then he yells, “Stop!”.  She flies backward almost out of her skies.  Cracks me up every time. She nicely asks him to not do that or at least give her some kind of warning.  I don’t think it sinks in and I am little grateful because it really is funny.  I know, I am going to H-E-double hockey sticks. 

 Racing mom!

 There is beauty at every turn.  I can’t get enough of it. 

We made it to the river and now it is play time.

Caribou Chronicles

Everyday my husband tells me to grab my camera and we hit the road.  EVERYDAY.  He thinks I am a much happier person if I am able to take some pictures each day.  He might be right.

We drive south of Cantwell and see the normal herd of caribou.  They are always there.  Then We drove north.

I could see some on the road and it looked like they were going to run off the road into the brush.  One took off but the rest stayed on course.

He ended up joining them and they ran next to our car for a good amount of time allowing me to take some close up shots…..of their bums.  Still I was getting close up shots.

This guy had a band around his neck.  Biologists will track him from this device.  My husband said he found one of these guys with this band that had been hit by a car and he had to call a number and the biologist come and pick up the band.  I guess they cost $20K.  Yikes!  It allows them to track the herds migration as well as other things I am sure. 

 Up the road we found these guys just hanging out. 

This guy is called Panoramic and he is magnificent.  I get lost in his details.  The jagged edges, slopes and exposed rocks just fascinate me.  The beauty that surrounds me is never lost for someone to admire it while I am around.

DARN telephone wires.