halloween ::: treats and great alaska scenery

this dog thinks he is a lap dog. he always lays in the little beds and curls up on our laps and falls asleep. it’s a good thing we find it cute and funny. more so it is a good thing he is so adorable.

there are only 75 residents here and so I did not exactly load up on candy. if i were thinking ahead i would have made something fun.  next year, i guess. 

our little neighbors were the cutest little ninjas. it looks as if he hit the other one in the head but no violence occurred in the capturing of this image.

 seriously cute.

 he thinks he is scary but nothing that cute can scare me.

 the mother of the little ones. she’s a kitty. the dad is below…he dressed up as ‘dad’. 

 the turtles needed to gain power by jumping on the tramp. 

 drive by shooting.

 alaska is always beautiful. i should be more grateful to live here….the winter tries me at times.

a couple of caribou to end the drive. 

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