halloween eve :: pumpkin carving, friends, going for a ride and pumpkin seed recipe

i have been on a quest to use my dslr more. i am so guilty of using my camera phone for all of my picture taking needs and my husband wonders why i have so much money invested in camera equipment if i never use it.  i kind of wonder that myself. so i have been trying to take more pictures with my dslr. we will see how long that lasts. you never know….it could happen.

car says that nutmeg is the perfect girl. he loves her more than his own dog.

 our masterpieces

 time for a ride and some snacks

 it was a beautiful day

roasted and toasted pumpkin seeds
pumpkin seeds
sea salt
southwest seasoning
olive oil

first i cleaned the seeds and rinsed them off.  this is very important. there should only be seeds no guts.

i place the seeds in a pot and cover with water and add a teaspoon of sea salt. boil for ten minutes.

pat the seeds dry. no need to have them completely dry just pat off the excess water.

salt the seeds and then toss.

i added southwest seasoning for a little extra kick. 

i could not decide to toast or roast the seeds and so i did both.  i toasted them in some olive oil for about five minutes and then transferred them to a pan to roast them.  i preheated the oven to 320*.

roast for 10 minutes them stir them around and bake in the oven for 5 more minutes.

store in an airtight container for up to three months.

***you may use any of my ideas if you link back to me or leave a comment but you may not use my photos.

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