nightly routine

First thing, I rub my feet down with lotion.  There is nothing like climbing into bed after pampering my feet. 

I apply lavender or spray Stress Relief by Bath and Body Works to my pillow and apply night cream to my face.

I am kind of a night owl.  It is one of my best attributes if you ask me.  Tonight I turned on Season 1 of Gilmore Girls on my iPad. Then I logged onto Bloglovin and read some of my favorite blogs for a little bedtime inspiration.

Have a wonderful night!

43 things

Hula Seventy started this.  You accomplish the amount of things that match how old you are on each of your birthdays.  I’m not even sure she still does it but I am doing it this year.

1. Drive into Denali park
2. Learn to sew
3. Finally plunge into my obsession with bento boxes–the 100 Bento’s Project
4. Continue to take a picture a day with any camera
5. Master my new camera
6. Grow a garden and eat it
7. Do a project every week…no matter how small
8. Learn to spit….I know gross but there are times you need to know how to do this
9. Learn to use chop sticks
10. Read at least one book every month
11. Learn to shoot the Northern Lights
12. Make a budget
13. Stick to a budget
14. Make something homemade for each member of my family for Christmas
15. Have Christmas done by November including Christmas cards
16. Go on weekly dates with Gordon….we fail in this department but we still love each other
17. Send a card to friends and family on their birthdays
18. Learn to fly fish
19. Organize your photos
20. Do something you love everyday
21. Do something you fear every week
22. Call, email, or text someone you love everyday
23. Replace fear with faith
24. Make a playlist every week….we travel so much that this is a must and I love doing it.
25. Get rid of all the stuff you do not use
26. Have a yard sale
27. Go camping….even if it is in an RV
28. Menu plan….I’ve always done this and all the sudden I stopped.
29. Start an indoor garden for the winter
30. Plan a vacation somewhere new
31. Make some fitness goals
32. Survive sending my youngest son to Russia for a year
33. Learn more about essential oils
34. Paint the letters in the guest room and kitchen
35. Learn that when you cannot change something you can’t worry about it
36. Do the “couch to 5K” thing
37. Start yoga
38. Learn to meditate….my version of meditation
39. Decorate for every season and holiday
40. Get back into Feng Shui
41. Take at least four classes this year
42. Write in one journal everyday….you have several this should not be a problem
43. Embrace and elevate the everyday

Things I accomplished this last year….
1. Make a quilt….and finished it.
2. Lost 130 lbs
3. Bought the bike of my dreams
4. Went back to Wyoming….I have not been home for eight years
5. Put my pictures into Blurb books
6. Rescued a dog
7. Meet a friend from Flickr
8. Go to the Inside Passage
9. Started taking a picture everyday
10. Started taking selfies

be the change — be positive

I have a focus word for the year and I would like to start having one weekly or monthly….however long it takes to add some positive changes to my life. Change starts here, today, I want to be the change.

So, for right now my focus will be on being positive.  I feel like I am a positive person.  I really try to not bring others down or bring myself down for that matter.  With that been said I think we can always work to improve.  We can never be perfect so working towards that is endless.

Five small changes towards positivity……

1. Surround myself in happy scents.  I have a strong sense of smell, my youngest son thinks I should be a drug dog, and it can be such a curse when things do not smell good.  I want to add some essential oils to my daily routines to help.

2.  Start a regimen of yoga.  I used to do this when my kids were little and it really helped me to control my thoughts, among other things.  I would like to start this practice again.

3. Eat healthy. I can be so negative towards myself when I am not eating right.  This one is simple yet so important.

4. Surround myself with the color orange.  It is known to promote positivity.  Maybe I will have to ride my orange bike more often….oh darn. =]

5. Have fun and enjoy life. Do I need to say more?

bento boxes–breakfast bento

About eight years ago I started my little obsession with Bento Boxes.  I loved how you could have a variety of healthy foods in one little box but my favorite part was the creative heart that went into them. 

In the beginning it was very difficult to find boxes and now they are everywhere.  They range in price from $4.95 (at Target) to the zojirushi that can top out over $100. The Bento above is the Kenetic Go Green box that I purchased on Amazon for $10.99.

Find you a box and start creating healthy meals for you and your family.