zone cleaning — kitchen

Everyday I clean 20 – 60 minutes on my current zone.  I keep it simple and easy to conquer otherwise I won’t do it and will wait until I can’t take it any more.  This system has worked wonders for my home.

Monday:  Clean out cupboards, organize and wipe down inside shelves.
Tuesday:  Clean cupboard doors and wipe down kitchen walls.
Wednesday:  Clean and organize the fridge/freezer.
Thursday:  Wipe down appliances and put away anything on the counter that I do not use weekly.
Friday:   Deep clean dining room, wipe down furniture and walls.
Saturday:  Decorate

I try to reward myself a little when I work on my zones……good music, a fun drink, and maybe I will throw in a snack after I am finished.

If I do not get to these each day I just move to the next job on the following day.  This zone will come around every six weeks (I have my schedule set up for six zones).  I really like to keep this simple with no guilt.  

Other zones:
Entryway and closets
Kitchen and dining room
Bathroom and laundry
Living room and home office
Garage and automobiles

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