old friends

Heidi and I have been friends since our children were young.  I was around when she had the two youngest. They are more like family.  It was wonderful to see them.

 These two love birds were married this year and they were absolutely adorable.

 Laughing and being goofy is what we do best.

 Just the boys.

One last one that I could not resist including.

the ranch

 My sister in law’s home where we stayed.

There were a couple of these cute little bridges throughout the property.

I loved walking across them or I would just watch the water flow underneath them.  It was all so very serene.

The ranch cat….I can’t remember her name.  We mostly just called her kitty.  She hated people…most of them anyway.  She would snuggle my legs when I was working on something but ignored me most other times.

 The horses were fun to watch in the evenings.  They came close in the morning and ran in the evenings. 

I’m obsessed with inspiration boards.  I love to see what inspires others.  It is always so different.  This one is Tricia’s.  I loved it.

Tricia never does anything half way.  They had a little open house for me at an adorable little shop called Jane & Main.  Tricia made gourmet rice crispy treats for the occasion.  (Oreo, Neapolitan, and Oh Henry)  I tell her that she is Martha Stewart on steroids.

Oops I almost forgot about Larry.  He was a naughty bull on a Ranch that bordered the Eardley Ranch.  He was so entertaining.  He had such personality I could spot him a mile away.  I decided he deserved a name, a name like Larry.  Gotta love that Larry!

Wyoming visit with family

 It was this guys birthday so we celebrated Angry Bird style. 

 Gordon’s mom and her husband Bill.

Gordon’s oldest sister….she looks just like her mom.

Gordon’s brother who acts just like Si from Duck Dynasty.  My nephew handed him a pitcher and a cup…..he was confused.  When we explained that he reminded us of Si he said, “I am nothing like Si, I’m not a Vietnam Vet!”  Uhhhhhhhhhh!  *crickets* LOL

Meet Tricia Gordon’s other sister and her oldest son Cody.

Gordon’s brother Charlie’s kids.  I loved seeing them.  I can’t express how wonderful it was to see them!  They lost their mom to cancer almost eight years ago and they lost her mom just this year.  They have been through so much.  Love them to pieces.

cupcake wars — key lime cupcakes with lime custard

Baking for me HAS to be simple or I do not do it….EVER.  My friend always bakes us the most fabulous cakes for our birthdays.  This year for her birthday I thought I would return the favor in my own way.  I can’t make the elaborate productions she does but I needed to put some effort into it just to show her we care.  She loves mustaches that is why the die cut is on top.

Key Lime Cupcakes with Lime Custard (not really custard but it sounded fancy)

1 white cake mix
1 key lime cake mix
Mix together and bake according to the directions and cool.  (I added a package of vanilla pudding)

1 lg package of vanilla pudding
1 small sugar free lime jello
Mix together using the vanilla pudding directions.

Cut the center out of the cupcake and fill with the pudding.

2 containers key lime frosting
Whip frosting in a bowl and fill pastry bags.  Frost the cupcakes and sprinkle with green sprinkles. 

running into friends on the parks highway

I have been flickr friends with Kevyn for years and I was on the highway taking pictures of Mt. McKinley because I could finally see it.  A car pulls up and a cute young woman asks if I am Leaca.  I was shocked.  We had only lived out here a couple of weeks and she introduced herself and made my day.  You never know who you are going to run into. I am going to remember that and next time I won’t wear my pj pants and slippers out there….I wished I were joking.