top five oranization apps

i love my iphone and my ipad.  i use them for everything and these days there is an app for anything.  sometimes you can get lost in a continued time suck and your phone can just be one big distraction.  i try to use my phone for good not evil.  well the evil of a time suck anyway but i still find myself there from time to time.

i have came across some apps that have really helped me keep it together.

1. paprika–with this app i search for recipes, add them to my collection, and use them in my menus.  i always use a menu and this app makes it so easy to do so. when i am watching sports with my husband i will search for recipes that interest me and save them to my collection. then when i start to plan my menu then i just pull the recipes straight from my collection into the menu.  the menu is a week view at a time and that works great for me. then when i grocery shop i can import the items from the menu to a shopping list.  it is wonderful.

2. tap and track–i like to keep track of what i am eating, how much i exercise, and my weight.  this app is easy to use. it has a data base of restaurants, and grocery items for you to choose from. you can also add your own recipe items with their nutritional values.  i count protein and carbs more than calories and so this app has been perfect for me. i enter my weight and when i turn the screen i can see my progress in a nifty little graph…gotta love a good graph.

3. home routine–for years i followed and used her wisdom to keep my house in order. i modified her plan to fit my life and learned to follow it religiously. she does not have an app….i’ve looked. this app has zone cleaning, daily cleaning, morning and night cleaning routines.  i check things off as i do them and it has been a perfect fit for me. i almost forgot the best part….it has a timer for timing your cleaning. i use this for 10 minute cleanups and my 15 minute daily zone cleaning. 

4. omni focus–i am a list girl. this app will hold my lists in projects and i can place timers, reminders, due dates, anything to help me stay on track. i check things off after they are complete and it feels. so. good.

5. instagram–i bet you are wondering what this app is doing on my list. i used to be a scrapbooker. i am not going to say i loved doing it but i loved having my families memories preserved.  instagram is my easy way to a scrapbook. i snap all sorts of photos and then i go to and pull those photos into a book.  easy peasy. i cannot tell you how accomplished i feel now that i started doing this. memories are so important to me and now that is complete with little to no fuss.

you will probably see more about these apps in the future but i wanted to post a quick list. 


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