Good Morning!

3290131F-1C05-4FC1-BF40-98221A7F643D.jpegI have been on a blogging hiatus and decided to start back up. I recently quit my full time job and am part time working for a few months. My heart has been filled with joy after quitting. Side note: That is how you know it is the right decision.

I have been filling my days with art, my husband and two dogs. I have actually spent time with friends too. I normally do not have the time. I am still busy and block time off for working on my art but I have the freedom to move my hours to accommodate ate some fun.

I will be posting on Facebook, Instagram, and here. Eventually, I will be posting some art pieces different places as well. Right now I am just doing art and enjoying the process.

See you soon.


Instagram: @EleacaYoungArt

Vintage Cash Ledger Journal

HF0A4132I bought this ledger on Etsy and I love it.  I started adding mixed media pages to it recently and I thought I would share the process.

HF0A4134I lightly gesso the pages allowing the lines to peek through.


I add random marks and added some ephemera with gel medium.


I really love these Golden Fluid Acrylics because they are thinner they do not add a lot of bulk to my pages.  You can also just water down your paints.


Add more random marks to add depth to the page.


Here is the end result.  At the end of each project I like to take note of what I learned and what I loved about the layout.  I try not to focus too much on what I do not love about this layout.  I journal to learn and to express my emotions through art.  It ONLY needs to make sense to you.  Twyla Tharp describes this type of thing as scratching in her book, The Creative Habit.  It is definitely a book I will read again and again.  But I like her thoughts on what she calls “scratching”.  She is a dancer but her book is universal to creatives.  I have decided that art journaling is my way of scratching.  I work out so much and exercise my creative brain.

It’s Friday and I am in Love

2016-02-09 08.04.28-1


  1. Danielle Donaldson’s book Creative Girl.  My husband bought all the supplies she suggests in her book for my valentines and now I am fully ready to explore her watercolor techniques.
  2. These planters make me happy.  I have decided I need more plants in my home and so I have been shopping for cute planters.  This shop is full of them.
  3. Seaweed Kisses blog.  She has the most adorable posts about journaling and Midori planners.